Okay, first question you have, why is the RK pin ENORMOUS and the Squeezer pin is teensy? Well, I could tell you to feed my own ego I needed to make mine bigger, and thus better, but that’s not true at all. The manufacturer called and said “hey, this pin has too much detail for 1inch scale, we need to make it 2inches” I said “fine, but can we make the other pin 2 inches because they’re in a set?” they said “no, we already began production on the first pin” Well fuck.

Anyway, you can get this beautiful pin set for FREE! How?

Step 1

Subscribe to our podcast on either apple podcasts (iTunes), Google Play, Podbean or  Stitcher (screen shot that your subscribed for proof)

Step 2

Rate and Review our podcast wherever you listen,EDIT: I realized you an only review on iTunes or apple podcasts, so if you can’t do this, please re-gram the original instagram post, encouraging your friends to get their own set. screen shot

Step 3

Subscribe to our youtube channel! , screen shot 

Step 4

Comment on one of our very “few” youtube videos, screen shot

Step 5 and FINAL STEP

Some of you may have did all of these things already, which is why we love you.  But, WE CANNOT let you off the hook that easily.  Comment below here on RAD YEARS DOT COM about what’s your favorite episode, what you like about the show, or hate about he show.

Screen shot everything, email to with your address!

If you don’t want to do any of these things, you can buy them for 10 bucks in our store. 

BUT WHY, you can get them for free!

It would be really cool to show us what you do with them on instagram by tagging us in a pic of your pins! But that isn’t a step!

FOR SALE: Turtles Pies Pins!

FOR SALE: Turtles Pies Pins!

NEW PODCAST: The Water Episode

NEW PODCAST: The Water Episode