New Gum Review! And Old gum I want back!

New Gum Review! And Old gum I want back!


So with all of the "Official" holidays out of the way, companies start releasing summer flavors.

This past Holiday season saw tons of great releases for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day and Easter.  Once they're done though, we make way for what some would argue is the greatest holiday of them all, the SUMMER!  

Of course there are spring releases, and scents from glade and febreeze which I love, but summer has become a pretty big release time period for companies and with the 4th of July being the marquee event of the season, a lot of companies capitalize on the ole red white and blue, and their corresponding flavors.

This brings us to our review today,  Ice Breakers "Ice Cubes" glitter gum summer snow cone flavor. 

the official promo pic from the ice breakers website.

the official promo pic from the ice breakers website.

WOW, what a mouthful.  Also, so much going on here.  First, glitter gum.  These little cubes are covered in mini specks of edible glitter.  It's hard to see in the pics I took, but these bastards are actually covered in glitter.

Now the flavor, Summer Snow Cone.  It's FANTASTIC, this might be my new favorite gum, and it's limited edition so I'll have to stock up on this stuff.   It genuinely captured the flavors of a red white and blue snow cone.  The cubes have little specs of red and blue in them.

The gum gets an A+, highly suggest you check it out.

Now, here are some old gums I want back

Topps Juice Bar gum

This gum was one of my favorites, from back to when my Grandpa took us to the local baseball card shop, to when I worked for KB toy store and we ate it by the display case.  The flavor and box design never changed and it was delicious little nuggets of gum that lost it's flavor in 2.3 seconds.


Cinn-a-Burst Gum 

There were other "burst" flavors, but we all know Cinn-a-Burst was the king.  The was sticks of gum with little candy pieces mixed in with it, and it was the king of gums for a while when it was out.  There was even a weird thing about chewing then gum with the wrapper still on.  Yeah, we were weird.



You could buy this at Sports Authority and for some reason it made you feel like you would never need a drop of water when playing street basketball with your 3 other friends who all sucked just as bad as you did.  

1985 grape.jpg

Grape Bazooka

They might still make this for all I know, but it'll never be as good as it was when we'd go back to our local gas station mini mart and buy as many 5 cent pieces we could afford.  There was traditional flavor, cherry and grape.  Grape was my favorite.  Occasionally, like at the weird car wash my dad took us to, you'd see buckets with other flavors, like Apple and Strawberry Shake.  Those were the occasions you thanked the gods you had a quarter on you.  That meant you were going home with 5 pieces of exotic bazooka.


Thanks for reading me write about gum.

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