2017 Halloween Cereal Review

2017 Halloween Cereal Review

Every year, the holiday season brings up a glutton of seasonal junk food, and Halloween is the official start of it all.  In fact, most other holidays have gotten in on the act as well.  We have holiday foods for Valentines day, Easter, the spring season, the summer season, and the 4th of July.  Around the time the patriotic stuff starts disappearing, in late July/early August, we start seeing the first peek of Halloween and Fall foods and other stuff.  (Other stuff being candles, glade plug-ins and febreeze scents). I usually see my first pumpkin beers and Oktoberfest beers out near the very end of July.  Its bittersweet because I know we're near the end of the Sam Adams summer ale season, which is one of my favorites.  

One of my favorite "Seasonal" foods is breakfast cereals.  Sometimes we get Christmas ones (I have my hands on two already from General Mills). Sometimes we get Summer ones, like this summers super popular "Ice Cream Scoops" Coco Puffs.  Then there are Halloween cereals, and this is what I've come here to talk about with you today. 

Let the reviews begins

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios


I started with the "Pumpkin Spice" versions of cereal.  I know there are others out there, like Life and Special K, but I went with two tried and true versions.  The first being Pumpkin Spice Cheerios.

I opened the box and took a sniff, and it had an aroma like Cheerios and pumpkin pie.

The look slightly orange in tint.

The look slightly orange in tint.

I LOVED these.  I like Cheerios, and I LOVE the limited edition spring Cheerios that are strawberry flavored.  Like the spring cheerios, these use real pumpkin puree, along with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.  I could eat these every morning until Christmas.   These are definitely going in the keep list.   The flavor is Cheerios, with a little bit of sweetness and a real pumpkin pie aftertaste. 

These get a A+

Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini Wheats


I really liked these, but mainly because I really like Frosted Mini Wheats in general.  I didn't taste any pumpkin flavoring on these at all, just mainly a cinnamon flavoring, and maybe some other pumpkin pie spices, not that it's a bad thing though.  I could eat this all year long and will definitely be finishing the box.

Grade A- (No pumpkin flavor like the Cheerios, but solid flavor and great color)

Captain Crunch "Halloween Crunch"

you notice my bottle of milk is starting to drain.

you notice my bottle of milk is starting to drain.

Halloween crunch is a tried and true staple of the Halloween season.  The captain sure is busy releasing special cereal.  There was a Blueberry pancake Captain Crunch last winter, there was orange creamsicle Crunch last summer, I'm pretty sure he puts out a home run crunch in the spring and of course Touchdown crunch in the end of summer.  Halloween Crunch comes out in late August/September, and Christmas Crunch is already on shelves. I'm waiting for Valentines/Easter Crunch.  After all, General Mills released an Easter version of their Reeses PB Crunch (an idea I absolutely LOVED), so why not Easter/Spring Captain Crunch?  

As for Halloween Crunch, the ghosts crunch "berries" are vanilla flavored and they turn your milk green, which works as advertised. 


I love regular Captain Crunch, so for me, this is a home run!  It's a little sweet for me to eat as an every day cereal, but still a clear winner.

Grade A (The captain earned it)

Frosted Flakes Chocolate w/Marshmellows


This was my least favorite of all the cereals I tried.  I enjoy standard Frosted Flakes, and I don't think the chocolate flavor really added anything.  The marshmellows in my box were also stale and chewy, so not a good box.  I'd suggest skipping these.

Grade C- 

Froot Loops with skeleton Marshmallows.


THESE....... SOOO GOOD.  When I first tried these, something came to my mind.  I think, and I could be wrong, but eating this cereal is the closet you can come to eating the old Ghostbusters Cereal, in 2017. 


Just try it and let me know what you think.  When you open up the box you immediately get overpowered by that froot loop scent.   The marshmallows in this box are not stale, and they mix very well with the Froot Loops.  These are a little sweet, but still so delicious.

Grade A (Nostalgia bump)

Apple Jacks with Skeleton Marshmallows


These were good, but I think I prefer regular Apple Jacks without marshmallows.  I forgot how much I enjoyed Apple Jacks.  This was my favorite box art out of all the three Kelloggs "Skeleton Marshmallow" cereals.  I never noticed the cinnamon stick has his brow pierced, super edgy right?  

GRADE B+ ( I might buy regular Apple Jacks) 

2017 Monster Cereals


First up was Frankenberry, not my favorite of the three, and I know it's been beaten to death, but since they've changed the recipe to only corn based flour, the cereal doesn't have the same taste.  In fact just look at Froot Loops.  They have an oat, wheat and corn flour base and they hold up way better, and have a much better crunch and flavor.  


Boo Berry is also kind of "meh" flavor wise for me.  This years Monster cereals are supposed to have special marshmallows and the Franken Berry and Boo Berry seem to have the same Marshmallows. 


The Monster Cereals king is Count Chocula cereal.  (While fruit brute is on hiatus). I think they need to add some new flavors to the monster cereals. Maybe Creature from the Grape Lagoon Grape? or Invisible Man Maple Syrup,  or Alien Apple (cinnamon apple).  And here is an idea, bring back the original oat flour recipe.

The Count Chocula did have some cool swirl'd marshmallows though.  

Grades Franken Berry B, Boo Berry B-, and Count Chocula A-

 In closing, I LOVE holiday themed cereals, and I already tracked down two cereals from the upcoming Christmas season to review for you in the upcoming month.  What do you think about these 9? Let me know in the comments. 

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